Thursday, August 28, 2008

Can't Wait, Can't Wait, Can't Wait

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

As long as I still can

Die Gedanken sind frei, wer kann sie erraten,
sie fliehen vorbei wie nächtliche Schatten.
Kein Mensch kann sie wissen, kein Jäger erschießen
mit Pulver und Blei: Die Gedanken sind frei!

Ich denke was ich will und was mich beglücket,
doch alles in der Still', und wie es sich schicket.
Mein Wunsch, mein Begehren kann niemand verwehren,
es bleibet dabei: Die Gedanken sind frei!

Und sperrt man mich ein im finsteren Kerker,
das alles sind rein vergebliche Werke.
Denn meine Gedanken zerreißen die Schranken
und Mauern entzwei, die Gedanken sind frei!

You know, just in case it goes like 70 years ago and such... :3

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Some fun, free games

For when you're bored or waiting for work to be sent through... :3

Beauty Resort

Here you play a girly who runs a spa. All you gotta do is click on the people and drag them to the station they want (it says above their head) and you need to to clean some stuff and rub massage oil on them etc. You get a certain amount of customers per day and you need to make a certain amount of money per level to progress. The further you get the more equipment you have and the grumpier the people get - you need to keep them happy ^^ It's fun, but I haven't beaten the last levels yet.

Burger Restaurant

Same concept as the one above but now you have to bring people what they ordered (it's on their thought bubbles) at your restaurant. It's tons of fun and the graphics are cute ^^. Don't burn the burgers!!

Monday, July 28, 2008

Stoled from Angel :P

1. What do you usually wear to bed, pjs or boxer shorts?
shorts & t-shirt in summer, PJ bottoms & tank top in winter

2. What do you do before bedtime?
Er... brush my teeth? brush my hair... er... do handstands?

3. What's your perfect day?
A day without worries and where I'm relaxed.

4. What is the city of your dreams and why?
Vancouver. Because the area is beautiful, the people are nice, everything is so clean and they have starbucks :3

5. Who is your girl crush?
The model six cylon called Natalie :-O but she's dead... :3

6. When was the last time you checked out a book from the public library, and what was it?
Er... the libra.... what now? books? :P

7. Ever cheated on someone?

Never have and never will.

8. If the person you secretly like is already attached, what would you do?

9. Is there anything that has made you unhappy these days?
Yes, humans and lack of summer.

10. Name your top three male celebs and what kind of sex you'll have with them?
I don't have such a list, sorry. Guys are smelleh!!!

11. What do you wish you could eat right now?

OMG CHOCOLATE. ANY KIND... *dies from hyperventilation*

12. What are your guilty pleasure shows?
All the afternoon TV shows on Kabel 1 (German TV which we get here <3 )

13. What is one of your biggest pet peeves?
Evil people.

14. What kind of person do you think the person who tagged you is?

I wasn't really tagged either, I just stole from Angel :P And she's super smart, intelligent, uber thin(!) and pretty and cute and... and... well you know xD

15. What's the last song that got stuck in your head?

ARGH, the height-challenged cube-shaped things.

16. What's your favorite item of clothing?
Hoodies... or my Hakama (kendo pants)

17. What's better: to give or to receive?
Depends on if it's something good or bad or if this question is smex-related. xD

18. What's the first thing you notice in people?

Ummm... their smell.... xD What can I say, my nose is too good... and that's not always a good thing :/

19. Would you bungee jump from the Empire State Building for $10,000,000?
Yes, cause Angel won't do it and if we wanna move to a giant farm in British Columbia one of us has to get the monies!

20. What were your parents going to name you if you'd been born the opposite gender?
Matthias... -__- *puke*



doll1 doll2

Thursday, July 24, 2008

My Sports & Health - Babble blog

I didn't want to fill up this blog here with ramblings about Kendo and about low carbing so I made a new blog, also so that other people can read it without coming here ;)

Clicketh here

So if anyone is interested about that kinda stuff, they can go there and see if I made a post ;)

Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Fat is your friend!

Since being on this Way of Eating (WOE) I have read a lot of stuff about biology and the human body and how stuff works.

I think my mind is slowly coming out of the fog. Society's concept of nutrition and the biochemical processes of energy production in our bodies is incredibly wrong. Yes. Wrong.

It's not fat that makes you fat. It's carbs. I know it sounds like a load of BS and I myself was priding myself with banners like "I heart carbs" but it's the truth.

The techno-babble:

Basicly, carbs get broken down into glucose (single sugar molecules) and that stuff is one of the many things we need in our body. Our cells can burn it for energy. It's needed mostly in the brain but also in some organs and other places. Glucose gives fast energy, and we all know that. We learn that in school. That's why we are urged to eat loads and loads of it!

If only there wasn't the issue of all access glucose being converted into fat. Yes. Fat.

See where I'm going?

And that is why all the fat you eat additionally to your high carb diet, gets stored along-side the carb-made fat. That is why low fat diets work in the beginning.

Now, when talking about low carbing most people immediatly say that it is unhealthy.

But it's not. The opposite is the case. The sugar industry only wants us to believe that so they can sell more candy, and ultimately more diabetis and heart medication.

I know, I know, big stuff, hard to wrap your head around when growing up with "carbs being good". I know, because I grew up with that as well. Just like everyone else.

Now. What happens on low carb diets? We eat lots of protein and fat.

Protein is needed for your muscles, for many organs and processes in your body. Access protein gets converted to fat as well but it doesn't get stored unless there's reason to.
The most important process with protein, though, is that it gets converted to glycose. Obviously not as fast as carbs (especially pure sugar) get broken down, but we don't need that, it's actually what makes us fat to begin with. Now those protein-made glucose molecules go and feed your brain and do all the other vital stuff glucose is needed for. As you can see, your brain still gets fuel. This process of protein conversion stops once you have enough glycose for those vital functions. Protein does not get converted to just to my glycose for fuel.

Fat is the main fuel. Also in the process of converting protein to glycose which happens in your liver. Now because we don't have glycose being burnt but fat, every single thing we do burns fat. Yes. Of course the fat we eat, but also the fat we have stored

Ketones and Ketosis: In the process of burning fat for energy (called "ketosis" that's why low carb diets are also often called "ketogenic diet") ketones, the by-products are released. These little fellas are amazing! They are little racers who get places faster than the normal fat cells so they are especially good when you exercise. Best thing is, they don't get stored. So if you don't use them, they leave your body through urine or through your lungs when you exhale.

Convinced already? If not, let me give you a summary:

- carbs = sugar which turns into fat which gets stored on your person; makes your body not burn fat cause there's no need for it

- protein = needed for muscles, brain, all sorts of other important stuff in your body. I think protein is the most important one, but it does need fat to do its job

- fat = your body fuel, also don't undeestimate the amount of vitamins and minereals that are in the fats we eat. Also, ketones are a big advantage.

Now, people say you need fibre and stuff, and they're right. But what kind of fibre is in processed carbs such as cakes, noodles, regular bread? Next to none. On a low carb diet you get your fibre from the green veggies, such as dark lettuces, broccoli, spinach as well as nuts and seeds.

There. :)

Sorry that I felt like writing an essay but I've been researching so much about this lately, that I had to put it down.

It's a whole new world for me but it shouldn't be, because this is how we ate 200+ years ago before processed carbs, in the shape of flour, and starch in the shape of exotic fruit and veg (such as potato, yes, I said exotic :P) came into our diet.

Anyhoo. If any of you feel like I was making some sense up there and you want to know more here are some links:

A blog by a low carb advocating Doctor very informative. He explains all the difficult processes in your body in a way stupid people like me can understand as well! xD

Low Carb Web Community So much info, stuff like recipes, advice, support.

and lastly, the book that got first Angel, and then me started: The Idiot-Proof Diet

I'm in my second week off carbs and I feel very good. My body is slowly adapting and with each day I feel fresher and happier. Any "sugar" cravings I'm having can be killed with eating protein and most importantly, decaf coffee tastes just as good with soymilk and some mascarpone! <3

btw, did I mention there are some natural sugar-free sweeteners, like splenda and stevia? ;-)

Monday, July 07, 2008

Bye Bye Carbses D:

Yep, I'm on the same diet Angel started a while back. It's Low-carb and a lot harder but also a lot easier than I expected.

I lost 1,5 kilos in week one. I don't really know if I have a target anywhere cause I don't have much to lose to begin with but I can feel the bits of belly- and upper-leg chub shrink, so that makes me happy.

Week 1 & 2, also called "induction" period, are not going so well with sports, though, cause I'm tired as hell after training. To be expected though, since my body is only burning fat and nothing else.

I have pretty bad sugar cravings every now and then, but it's getting less now.

Cooking from scratch is certainly awesome and I'm eating a lot more veggies now.

Once I'm done with week 2 I will slowly indroduce more carby food, such as fruit and oat meal.

I'm not sure yet if I'll stick with low carb for the rest of all times or if I'll switch to complexe carbs only (brown rice etc). I'll see how it goes and if I get tired of only eating flax seed stuff.

One good thing, though: I found plenty of low carb cake recipes!! :)